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Beautify your environment with the exquisite fragrances of Thomas Blonde. As you step into the realm of home refreshment, our carefully curated collection of Room Sprays become your gateway to instant luxury.

Elegance in Every Spritz - our Room & Linen Spray, is a discreet yet powerful way to add a layer of elegance to your linens and surroundings. The delicate scents linger on your fabrics, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

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    • 100ml
    • Instantly elevates the mood
    • Provides immediate, lasting scent
    • Perfect for closets, cars, powder rooms and linens
    • Spritz on dryer balls to boost your scent after using your favorite Thomas Blonde detergent 


    Shake well before use. Spray lightly into the air to infuse your room with scent.  You can also use it on your wool dryer balls to boost your Thomas Blonde detergent scent or spritz on your linens as soon as they get out of the dryer. Please Note: lightly mist your dryer balls. Do not spray the oil into one spot or it could leave oil spots on your clothes.

    Transform your space effortlessly with Thomas Blonde's Best Luxury Room Spray Scents. Order today and let each spritz become a moment of aromatic indulgence, turning your home into a sanctuary of unparalleled freshness and sophistication.

    Why Choose Thomas Blonde Room Spray?

    • Best Room Spray Scents: Our collection features the crème de la crème of room fragrances, ensuring an instant and luxurious refreshment.
    • Linen Spray Excellence: Experience the subtle sophistication of our Linen Spray, designed to elevate your fabrics and surroundings.
    • Top Room Re-Fresh Sprays: Thomas Blonde offers a 120ml size for room re-fresh sprays, ensuring you have an ample supply of luxury at your fingertips.


    I used to be obsessed with Capri Blue, Volcano. But now I'm like "Capri, who?" The Thomas Blonde Signature Scent, Blonde, is my new favorite scent!!! I will never buy another candle again!!! The quality and packaging is absolutely amazing! They make the perfect gift

    Tosha Schiffli, Willow Bend Design

    I can honestly say that this @thomasblondeofficialcandle has become of my favorites of all time. I love how candles can instantly change your mood. Y'all know what I'm talking about, right? You should definitely try this particular candle. It's the BOMB.

    Kristi-The Pickled Rose

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