"The Sexy Blonde" Intensive Body Lotion Candle

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We have created a dual purpose candle just for you. Relax in a bubble bath by candlelight then use your melted candle made with intensive body butters to rehydrate your dry skin afterwards. You'll experience the warm sensual scent of cocoa butter mixed with your favorite Thomas Blonde scent.  First, blow out the candle and gently pour the melted wax onto your hand and massage it all over your body for the ultimate head to toe moisturizing experience. If you really want to get crazy, put an extra layer on your feet and add some thick, fuzzy socks before bed.  The next morning, they will feel amazing! 

First Time Use: We suggest letting the candle burn for up to 1 hour to allow enough lotion to melt for pouring. Not only does this candle lightly scent a small bathroom but it locks in moister and creates a harmonious scent on your body for hours to come. You can even use it to massage sore muscles.

How To Use:

Light wick and allow enough oil to melt. Extinguish flame. Pour oil directly onto skin. Massage into skin for a nourished and smooth after-feel.

For best user experience, ensure the wick is trimmed before each use.

PLEASE NOTE: If burning the candle for an extended period of time, please temperature test the glass vessel before picking it up.

  • 12 oz. candle 
  • Available in Blonde & Joshua Tree Scent

Ingredients:  100% soy way, cera alba wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, essential fragrance oil and eco cotton wick. 


I used to be obsessed with Capri Blue, Volcano. But now I'm like "Capri, who?" The Thomas Blonde Signature Scent, Blonde, is my new favorite scent!!! I will never buy another candle again!!! The quality and packaging is absolutely amazing! They make the perfect gift

Tosha Schiffli, Willow Bend Design

I can honestly say that this @thomasblondeofficialcandle has become of my favorites of all time. I love how candles can instantly change your mood. Y'all know what I'm talking about, right? You should definitely try this particular candle. It's the BOMB.

Kristi-The Pickled Rose

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