Thomas Blonde Aroma Diffusers

The difference is the size of the unit, amount of oil it holds and the square feet it disperses to. The pro is much larger and holds up to 16 oz. of diffusing oil. It can disperse up to 4,000 sq. ft. and can also be installed into your HVAC.  The hose is included in the “Blondie Pro” for your HVAC installation.  The “Blondie Mini” is much smaller and easy to hide in your home.  It holds 4 oz. of oil and disperses up to 2,000 sq. ft. We designed this unit to make a powerful punch. It dispurses more scent than most battery or app enabled small units. It also covers 3 times the square footage than most small diffusers of its size. 

We have helpful videos to set up the “Blondie” and “Blondie Pro.” Please scan the appropriate QR Code with your phone for set up instructions. 

 You will receive a 1 year warranty on your diffuser.  Our machines are designed to use our Thomas Blonde diffusing oils.  Use of other oils will damage the machine and therefore void the warranty.  Email with any questions. 

If you are hooking our “Blondie Pro” up to your HVAC unit whether it be in your home or commercial space please note you will have to refill your oil occasionally. If your HVAC is in your attic or a hard to reach place some customers choose for this to be a stand alone unit.  You can hide it behind any decor in your home or office. 

9 am to 9pm. Set up diffuser to run at 20% to 30%. This should last a month on an 8 oz bottle of oil. It only holds 4 oz. at a time so you will have to refill the unit. 

9 am to 9 pm or you can program it for your office hours.  Set the diffuser to go off for 40 to 60 sec every 2 minutes. 

We sell a special cleaning blend that keeps your diffuser in tip top shape. Use anytime you want to change your scent in your diffuser. Pour a small amount in bottle and swirl around. Put back into your diffuser and let run for 10 min plus. After that pour out and let bottle dry before you add your new Thomas Blonde scent.

We use 100% Natural Diffuser oils

Our process breaks down essential oils into a very fine mist. This preserves the integrity of our oils without diluting in water or solvents. This patented technology produces nanoparticles that suspend in the air. Diffusing helps to reduce dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter. Scent diffusers support a healthier approach to indoor air quality while providing ambience for your home.

Check to make sure the power adaptor is properly plugged in. Remember the machine runs on military time. Example: if it is 1pm make sure the time on your screen is set to 13:00. Make sure you have it set to the correct time or it will not diffuse.  Email for help.

 Yes, use as directed and only with Thomas Blonde aroma diffusing blends

Depending on the HVAC set up of your home and amount of air handlers that service your entire home, choose the air handler that covers the most area.

Drill a 6 mm hole in the air supply duct.
Make sure to drill a 6 mm hole before the duct splits to different areas of the house.
The Blondie Pro comes with the air tube and an HVAC adaptor. Screw in the HVAC adaptor into the diffuser outlet.
Keep the air tube length between 10 – 20 inches.
Make sure the tube is always straight and not kinked, or has air pockets.
Sit the Blondie Pro on a shelf or floor near the air duct where you will be connecting it to.
Insert the air tube to the air duct.
Insert the tube with the airflow not against it.
Seal it with HVAC tape.

The key to effective scenting is choosing the correct spot for the diffuser from which the oils will diffuse.  This generally means determining the most central location in the area you wish to be scented. 

Thomas Blonde Candles

It will keep your candle burning without black soot and give your candle a longer burn time. 

A small amount is normal but you can dramatically diminish the amount given off by keeping your wicks trimmed.

Trim them to 1/4 inch before every use.  Your best option is a wick trimmer.

That is called tunneling. It is due to you not allowing your candle to burn for at least 1-2 hours after lighting it. Your candle has memory and you must allow it to burn evenly across the top each time you light it. 

Thomas Blonde Tanning Fizz

With proper maintenance, you can expect the tan to last 5 days.

You can apply the Mousse every 1-2 days as needed to keep your tan looking fresh.

Yes, you can apply with our Thomas Blonde mitt or gold kabuki face applicator.

We recommend showering 8 hours after application. Do not leave the Mousse on any longer than 24 hours.

Shipping policy

The continental United States.

Please allow 2-5 days of processing time before leaving our shipping facility. We appreciate your business.

Returns and exchanges

Please inspect your order carefully when you receive it. All of our products are thoroughly inspected before they are shipped to ensure you receive the best possible product.

In the event of damage during shipping, please contact our customer care department within seven (7) days of receiving your purchase at Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. We will replace broken items when possible or offer a replacement on items damaged during shipping. Returns, refunds or replacement products for reasons other than damage incurred during shipping cannot be accepted.