Have you always wanted a home diffuser but didn't think you could afford it?

When you sign up for a monthly subscription of diffusing oil you get your diffuser at 50% off plus 40% off your monthly oil.

Don't get stuck in a contract paying off your diffuser over the next 3 years. You'll pay 12 times the cost of what it's worth. For $149 yours will be paid for.

The Blondie Mini

50% Off with oil subscription

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Don't forget your oil...

You will need to purchase diffusing oil for your machine. We have seven scents to choose from. If you can't choose, we suggest starting off with our signature scent "Blonde."

Can I Change My subscription scent?

This is a question we get asked alot. Yes, you can change your scent from month to month. Send us an email or message us through the website and we will get your new scent switched for you. It's that easy.

try a Scent
sample Pack

free with diffuser purchase

What is the scent sample pack for?

If you are not sure what scent you want in your machine we provide a scent sample pack with your diffuser purchase. You can smell each one of Thomas Blondes scents and find your favorite(s).

Why Thomas Blonde?


My diffuser machine is a life saver. I have 3 dogs and hated the smell of my home. I was embarrased for people to come over, but not anymore. All I get asked now is, what's that yummy smell?

Tosha Schiffli

I love my home diffuser. Everyones comments on the smell of my home as soon as they walk in. I usually have to send them to the website so they can purchase one for themselves.

Kaili Thibodeaux
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"The Blondie Mini"

Do you often wonder what your house smells like right before guests arrive?