Plug-In Diffusers

Imagine a house that welcomes you home with fragrances perfectly programmed just for YOU!Β  Experience the perfect harmony that compliments the aroma of Thomas Blonde Candles. Never worry about saving your candles again.

"Blondie Pro"

The total home or business scenting solution. You have the ability to adjust your scent 3x intensity level and diffuse through your HVAC.Β Our diffusers are ideal to pair it with one of our signature candles for the maximum scent ambience.

This diffuser can be hooked up into your HVAC or be used as a stand alone unit. We suggest this unit for commercial spaces up to 4,000 sqft.Β  It holds up to (32 oz) of oil so you will not have to refill it as often. This is perfect if you are going to hook it up to your HVAC.


"Blondie Mini"


The” Blondie Mini” applies our new fusion technology to achieve an evenly distributed scent throughout your home. You have the ability to adjust your fragrance intensity as desired. Pair with one of our Thomas Blonde candles for an inviting ambiance you can only create through smell.