Thomas Blonde Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimming 101

TIPS: Wick Trimming 101; what, why and how?
TIPS: Wick Trimming 101; what, why and how?
For candle lovers, candle care is a big deal and wick
trimming is very important!


What is a wick trimmer? 

You’ve probably seen it before, a particularly strange metal pair of “scissors” with a small plate? Its curved shape makes it easy to use in any container.  It makes a clean cut of the wick while recovering the debris. 

Why do you need to trim your wicks?

[It's important for so many reasons]
1.)  Clean burn: avoid dark smoke (and smoke alarm detector)
2.)  Clean container: avoid smoky candle jars, better fragrance diffusion
3.)  Burns safely: a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous
4.)  Prevent mushrooming: remove the build-up of carbon

    How often do you use a wick trimmer? 

    It’s quick and simple but you have to do it every-time you use your candles.  
    1.)  Place the wick trimmer on wick
    2.)  Bring the blades towards the wick parallel to the wax
    3.)  Cut the wick to a height of about 4/5 mm
    4.)  Throw away the wick debris

    Where to buy a wick trimmer?

    Purchase your Thomas Blonde wick trimmer here.  Use code TAKE15 for 15% off your entire order!