Studio Blonde - Our DIY Office Studio

Studio Blonde - Our DIY Office Studio

Studio Blonde is our new office studio located in the heart of OKC's Plaza District. It will serve as an office, production space, and product photography studio. We've been sharing our progress on Instagram, over the past several months. The support has been overwhelming. So we wanted to share the before and after photos of Studio Blonde with you. It was a labor of love and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

The Backstory

One of my close friends had a studio apartment that was sitting empty. He suggested that we update it and use it for our new production studio. He was extremely generous--and rented it to us for a song. But it was definitely a "fixer upper" space. My partner and I have never been ones to shy away from hard work. So we rolled up our sleeves and started the DIY renovation on our new headquarters. One of the first things we did was build a custom desk  for our office. 

Day or night...this light-filled space provides the perfect backdrop to photograph our products! 

Our in-house designer, Cherami Thomas, created a light-filled oasis out of this once drab space. 

Studio Blonde Home Office
We painted the walls white to provide a neutral backdrop and make the small studio seem larger. It's the perfect backdrop for our product shoots and helps create a cohesive look. 
These elegant coffee table books are a nod to our mutual love of fashion and design. You can find our coffee table books 
Empowerment Candle Studio Blonde
Cherami also created this custom piece for Studio Blonde. We absolutely love it and it adds texture to the space. 
We hope you enjoyed our mini-tour! We will be sharing updates on the blog of the progress we're making. Follow us on Instagram and check out our Studio Highlights for more details!