How to Properly Burn a Candle

How to Properly Burn a Candle



If you are reading this blog post, chances are you are a HUGE candle lover like us. There’s actually a proper way to burn candles.  Who knew?

Have you ever burned a candle and had wax leftover in the bottom? Chances are you aren’t burning it long enough. Our larger candles are meant to be burned for longer periods of time, so if you’re not up for burning your candle for 5-6+ hours then try one of our smaller vessels like our 12 oz. Signature Blonde candle.

Now that you are a proud parent of a new candle here are a few easy steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your favorite candle!



The first thing you want to do is make sure your wick is the proper length. We recommend using a wick trimmer since it creates a nice clean cut that maintains the integrity of the wick. You want your wick to be about ¼” in length before burning. FYI-you will want to trim your wick after each burn and make sure the wick is cooled to prevent debris from falling into the hot wax.  If you don't when you go to relight your candle it will put off black smoke and dark debris will start to accumulate inside your beautiful creamy candle wax. 

Thomas Blonde wick trimmer


Once your candle is lit you want to make sure it burns to its highest potential.  It's a delicate balance of leaving it alone while still watching it.  Tip of the Day-most surfaces aren’t perfectly even, so we recommend rotating your candle 180 degrees every 30 minutes. This will ensure that you get an even pool of wax, that is if you are a serious candle connoisseur.   



You want to let your candle burn for 1 hour per inch in diameter. On our 12 oz. candles we burn them for a minimum of 2 hours for the first burn.  If you don't do this you will get what is called tunneling and you'll waist half of your candle due to extra wax all over the edges of your candle container.  You want to make sure you have an even pool of wax over the entire candle before extinguishing it. This is because candles have a memory (I know it sounds strange but they do trust me).  You want to burn for at least 2 hours and no longer that 4 on a 12 oz. candle.