A NEW Era in Self-Tanning, a Self-Tanner that WORKS.

A NEW Era in Self-Tanning, a Self-Tanner that WORKS.

In the world of self-tanning, achieving a natural, sun-kissed glow without the telltale streaks or orange hue has long been the ultimate goal. At Thomas Blonde, we're excited to unveil our latest innovation: the Thomas Blonde Tanning Fizz. More than just a self-tanner, it's a game-changer in the industry, offering a new take on achieving that coveted bronzed look.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Tanning Fizz is scented with our signature scent blonde, infusing your skin with a subtle, luxurious fragrance that doesn’t irritate your skin. But the real magic lies in its formula. Vegan-free and highly pigmented, it's designed to deliver a natural-looking tan, even for the fairest of skin tones. Say goodbye to fake-looking tans and hello to radiant, sun-kissed skin.

What sets our Tanning Fizz apart is its unique consistency. Unlike traditional self-tanners, which can be thick and difficult to blend, our formula is specially crafted to fizz upon application. This innovative texture makes it easier than ever to spread across your body and achieve seamless, streak-free coverage. Plus, with oxygen infused into each pump, the product glides on smoothly, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

But our commitment to revolutionizing the self-tanning experience doesn't stop there. We've curated a range of accessories designed to enhance your tanning routine and make achieving that perfect glow easier than ever before. From our Gold Kabuki Face Tanning Brush to our Turkish silk exfoliating tanning mitt, each accessory is thoughtfully crafted to elevate your tanning experience.

And for those who want to protect their bedding while they tan, our Thomas Blonde Tanning Sheet is a must-have. Double-sided and silky-smooth, it creates a barrier between your skin and your sheets, ensuring that your tan stays on your skin – where it belongs.

With our Tanning Fizz and range of accessories, achieving a flawless tan has never been easier. Say goodbye to streaks, orange hues, and tedious application processes. Embrace a new era in self-tanning with Thomas Blonde, where luxury meets innovation, and every tan is a work of art.